Explain why a piece of paper burns when placed under a convex lens aimed towards hot sun rays.

Don't rly know how to explain, pls help tq.

Asked by Nick Chong 3 weeks ago
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  • Patrick, Teaching is my PASSION
    Answered 3 weeks ago

    Convex lens concentrates the light energy to one spot on the paper so that the heat energy accumulates on that one small spot of paper.

    As the heat increases, combustion will occur when the spot becomes too hot & the paper burns.

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  • Joshua10
    Answered 3 weeks ago

    1.The parallel rays of the sun will pass through the a

    convex lens

    2. After entering the lens, the light rays is focused at the

    principal focus of the lens

    3. At the principal focus, the light ray is focused on one

    small area

    4.Heat energy causes an increase in temperature, the

    paper starts to burn

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